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Project Detail

Known for their ergonomic, gaming chairs, Secretlab wanted to launch their new line of chairs. They approached ASH+ZELKOVA for the crafting of a brand new website with an emphasis on aesthetics and user experience.

In this frenetic and fuzzy age of advertisements and web content, one thing is clear to us: the way we present products to consumers must be different. Lots of E-Commerce websites bombard you with millions of SKUs and hundreds of customization options. Almost all of them include at least a slider on their homepage, expecting you to wait for the slides to loop.

It is precisely because the internet is so prolific with marketing lingo and tech jargon that jumping onto the bandwagon at this point in time is equivalent to diving into an ocean of noise.

In a world of chaos, we want to be minimal.

We iterated and refactored our design countless times, over and over. Until it became clear to us what we should be working towards.

A remarkable balance between clarity and focus. We wanted to show off the Secretlab chairs. Flaunt it, because it’s not just a chair, it’s a work of art. Countless hours of industrial design and thought put into the chair are obscene. It is different from other chairs, so we decided to focus the design around the chairs.