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KAFVE Your Very Own Barista Christmas Special Instagram Post
KAFVE 1 Year Anniversary Instagram Post
KAFVE Wedding Coffee Cart Promotional Instagram Post
KAFVE Xeno & Clarissa Wedding Coffee Cups Instagram Post

Project Details

KAFVE was one of my favourite projects because they approached me right before they launched. This allows me the flexibility as a designer to take charge fully and craft their branding from scratch.

I was solely responsible for this project which consists of Brand Development, a Website, and subsequently most of their Marketing Collateral for their social media.

After some brainstorm with the client, we decided to go with a chalkboard-styled design, inspired by signboards regularly spotted outside cafés around the world.

The floral elements, stylized in a chalk-based design made it look very interesting and eye-catching. Exactly what the client wanted for the promotion.

Simple florals and bold, elegant typeface were chosen for the wedding packaging. Bringing about a serene, elegant, and clean emotion to match the mood of the weddings. KAFVE’s logo is also incorporated into the design without stealing the limelight from the bride and groom’s name.

KAFVE Intro Video

Shooting the intro video for KAFVE was one of the most fun I’ve had.

When I was designing KAFVE’s website, I felt their brand should convey a sophisticated and premium emotion.

Coupled with the fact that coffee brewing is an artisanal craft, I decided to shoot a video of how KAFVE brews a cup of coffee to show how much care and effort is put into brewing just one cup.

The result turns out amazing and totally fits the premium branding of KAFVE.

When visitors visit Kafve’s website, they are immediately greeted with the video playing in the background, showing them what KAFVE is all about and what they can expect from KAFVE.